Integrity Media is one of the most experienced agencies in the cannabis sector, having handled a large number of public cannabis companies dating back to 2012. Integrity has stewarded a diverse field of cannabis plays through the complicated and ever-changing legal landscape, assisting them in managing the more challenging communication and scrutiny they endure while helping them secure their place in this incredible new opportunity. Our political background helps us to distill and predict the rapidly shifting regulator landscape and position companies ahead of the curve.

Integrity Media and Mr. Divich have unique cannabis media relationships, specialized attorneys, experts in Hemp, Cannabis, CBD, etc. operations, legal sale, compliance, testing, business development, and more.

Integrity also has one of the largest active lists of cannabis media persons, thought leaders, and opinion brokers with whom it can communicate at the press of a button. Similarly, Integrity possesses a unique editorial privilege from the top-tier wire services to publish editorial press releases under a public company’s stock ticker that can be seen by all investors. By doing so, important accomplishments can be more demonstrably and articulately celebrated to any viewer who looks up the Company’s stock quote.