Investor & Media Relations (U.S.)

Every company’s needs, strengths, and market are different. As such, every proposal we craft is unique. Nonetheless, there are core deliverables that are staples in the programs we deploy to increase visibility in the media as well as the retail and institutional communities.

Investor Contact:

Integrity will handle all calls from the investing community, allowing the company and its officers to focus on the execution of their business plan. When needed, Integrity will help draft mass communication shareholder letters, conference call scripts, and the like for the company. Mr. Divich handles all media and shareholder communication personally and expeditiously, providing our clients with an extremely experienced and articulate communicator. This interaction is critical to cultivating and keeping the attention of the market and reducing liability and loss of time for the company and its executives. And it helps keep your shareholders as shareholders.

Press releases:

Integrity will assist in the conception and construction of Fortune 500 quality press releases that are cerebral enough to satisfy the Wall Street purist, yet digestible by the average e-trader. All the while, we’ll construct eye-catching headlines that grab the short attention span reader on the busy Internet and which stand in aggregate under your ticker as a testament to the company’s progress and promise. We’ll build the story.

Media Outreach/Article Solicitation:

We leverage our journalism degrees and publicist chops to seduce interest from influential reporters, bloggers, and more. We know how to pitch a story and position the company in the best light. Kurt Divich and team have been highly successful getting UNPAID pieces written and published in major financial news publications and leading industry blogs. Our method works and is far superior to paid touts common among small stocks.

Institutional Outreach:

When appropriate, Integrity will begin a targeted Institutional Outreach program to qualified firms capable of taking a position in the equity or which may be inclined when certain landmarks are surpassed. We can introduce our clients to analysts and brokers who have a proven receptiveness or affinity to companies at this strata of public markets.

Investor Collateral:

Integrity can create/update Investor Fact Sheets and Investor Decks to explain the opportunity for the company and update them quarterly. Integrity believes in transparency and proactive communication. For most, the choice to purchase an equity is not an impulse buy. Substantial explanation of the company’s management, assets, and market opportunity are necessary. These items can be printed or digitized for tradeshows, sent to investors electronically, and hosted for view on the company’s website. Links to these assets should be added to company press releases.

Web Presence:

When the lights go off at your offices, investors are still perusing your website for information about the equity. Integrity will make sure that there is copy that efficiently explains the opportunity and provides access to the aforementioned collateral.

Road Shows:

When appropriate, road shows can be designed and executed in conjunction with senior management in various locations and with brokers whom Integrity possesses a relationship.

Trade Shows/Conferences:

Integrity will attend and assist at important conferences where an I.R. representative is of benefit to the company when given proper advance notification and with actual expenses paid by the company. Specially written presentation materials can be prepared for these events by Integrity.

Investor Sentiment:

We can effectively monitor sentiment regarding the equity on financial message boards and social media. In doing so, senior management can avoid attendance in these venues that inevitably proves to be taxing in both time and emotion. By understanding the chatter, we can address reasonable and recurring concerns indirectly through press releases and other corporate communication without validating and empowering anonymous bashers and short sellers.

Damage Control/Crisis Management:

Should an adverse event befall the company or adverse party launch a public attack, Integrity has proven damage control strategies to effectively address and mitigate the problem. Additionally, Integrity’s partners have a multitude of relationships with top-level professionals who may be able to assist in addressing the primary issue.

What We Don’t Do:

We accomplish our lofty goals without spam emails, shady social media posts, call rooms, or paid analyst ‘buy recommendations.’ If you’re looking for hit-and-run liquidity events, kindly turn elsewhere.

Investor & Media Relations (Canada)

In addition to the myriad of services available to our U.S.-based clients, Integrity Media has two decades worth of experience working with Canadian equities. Whether it’s a company looking to join the wave of entrepreneurs seeking a listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) via an R.T.O., or simply a Canadian company that would like to communicate more effectively in Canada and the United States, we have options with R.T.O. producers, Canadian brokerages, financing firms, law firms, accountants and large investors.

Good writing has no borders and Integrity’s relationships in Canada are well-established and outstanding.

StockLab is Integrity Media’s digital newsletter which is published under the client company’s stock ticker. StockLab is powered by professional journalists with two-decades of experience in public markets. Each subject company is examined through a macro/micro approach that reviews larger events for its primary industry and how it might affect future market opportunities.

First tier sources are studied, cited, and offered to StockLab readers. Additionally, material events by the subject company will be noted for the readers’ consideration. StockLab relies on industry experts, Forbes, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and other periodicals of established pedigree who have no relationship to the covered company whatsoever. For more information and examples visit